Pavilion G

Training programs for specialists become the main attraction of any professional exhibition. NEVSKIE BEREGA is not an exception. The internet educational projects are obviously very popular. However, nothing can replace real-life communication with true experts.

Speaking program for the DEMO PRO demonstration podium:

  • November 21 – MAKE UP PRO
  • November 22 – HAIR PRO
  • November 23 – NAIL PRO

DEMO PRO is an open space for workshops and master classes from 11:30 to 19:00. All specialists’ conventions are free. Hundreds of guests will be able to take their comfortable seats in a giant audience hall. Those who wish may order a commemorative diploma to confirm their attendance. All the topics are quite relevant and high-demand among modern service specialists. The agenda includes wide range of topics and allows visitors to receive much useful and essential information for make-up and nail artists, and hairdressers.

Check out the DEMO PRO program, learn more about the speakers. Every event is a unique meeting with energetic creators who have reached the acme of skill. Communicate with stars, ask them directly and touch the world of outstanding contemporary seekers as it is the great opportunity to get a powerful inspiration for your own progress.

  November 21 | Thursday | MAKE UP PRO
11:40–12:40 Svetlana Andreeva
Five secrets of an artist’ high profit!
12:50–13:20 Varvara Tabutarova
Brows are your character. Which brows will help you get married, and which – to lead the office?
Master class
13:30–14:00 Matilda Inozemtseva
Evening make-up in 2019 trends
Master class
14:10–14:50 Stasey Perpetuum
Make-up artist’s brushes: types, care. All the secrets!
15:00–15:40 Maksim Gilev
Textures. Various technics of multi-layered make-up with powdery textures» (pygments, glitter, glimmer). Smoky eye styles
Master class
15:50–16:30 Natalya Lisova
Does NO mean YES? Do we always get what a client wants?
16:40–17:10 Natalia Nayda
Teamplay workshop
17:20–18:00 Etna Etalon
Face’s Eternal Youth workshop
18:10–19:00 Irina Yemelyanova
Internet service promotion. Lifehacks!

  November 22 | Friday | HAIR PRO
12:50–13:50 SOINTERA
3D model of colour. How to work with any dye material and get a predictable result
14:00–15:00 PANASONIС
Current tendencies of male haircuts. Autumn 2019
Master class
15:10–15:40 Nikolay Voronin
Fashionable male haircuts of 2019
Master class
15:50–16:40 Anton Kochetkov
Master class «LIFE & HAIR»
Master class
16:50–17:50 PARK BY OSIPCHUK
Fragment of Autumn-Winter Collection 2019
Master class
18:00–19:00 Anna Gogoshina
Blond’s territory
Master class
  November 23 | Saturday | NAIL PRO
11:30–12:00 Anastasia Skripkina
Nail service. How to make you work photos right
Master class
12:10–12:40 Tatyana Miroshkina
New Year cartoon/Simple doodles
Master class
12:50–13:50 PANASONIC
Current tendencies of male haircuts. Autumn 2019
Master class
14:00–14:40 Victor Uksusov
HAIR PEDANT. Haircuts of the future
Master class
14:50–15:20 Tatyana Lobacheva
New Year Pop Art
Master class
15:30–16:00 Yliana Zhadukova
Brushes that paint by themselves
Master class
16:10–16:40 Natalya Chechneva
Nail graphics. Alternative painting materials
Master class
16:50–17:20 Viktoria Marina
Nail aerography: myths and reality
Master class
17:30–18:00 Elena Taramaeva and Irina Uvarova
Aeropuffing – the perfect nail design! Simple and easy!
Master class

All specialists’ conventions are free. You are welcome!